Houston, Tx
March 29, 2012     Warehouse Live Studio
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This might be rough but I'm going to try submitting a memory because it was so exceptional!! They were so awesome! Stacy's voice was extra beautiful! Sherri's voice was extra beautiful too! Haha, this is so great, and Chauntelle's vocal delivery was extra beautiful too! :D It was all very grand! And wait... there's even more! Weston's and Garron's control of the beat was astounding! Just was a grand experience and the three girls came back and played '192 Days', i think, and they left us with 'I Wish' and that's my absolute favorite Eisley song! :D Ok, it's 2:22AM and I must sleep now. Thank you Chauntelle, Sherri, Stacy, Weston, and Garron for that wonderful experience! Love yall! :D

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