Grand Prairie, Tx
January 31, 2003     Nextstage
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Back in my middle school days i was a HARD CORE coldplay fan. I had all their albums and singles. shirts....everything a hard core fan of a band would have..and ofcourse, i saw them in concert on January 31! waiting painfully for three long months the day was so exciting.
Eisley opened for Coldplay, if i remember correctly, and i remember being so excited to see Coldplay my stomache was aching and my head felt so heavy.
Atleast i think it was from being too excited, if that is possible.. I was in the nose bleed section of the theatre, and the guys next to my sister and me were smoking pot... so it could have been from either... Atleast i had a ticket to a sold out show..
So being all sicky and what not Eisley came on and they were so brilliant!! They helped keep my mind off of my crazy fettish. I can remember telescope eyes was very good and they played this song that to this day i dont know what it was. it was very heavy compared to their other songs and they were all wearing dark colors and had crazy lights so that might have added to the effect..
Either way, they were good. And now i have friends who freak over Eisley and I can be proud to say ive actually seen them, 4 years ago!

Julie H

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