Farmindale, Ny
March 30, 2006     Crazy Donkey

Tales from Trollywood

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this was my first (and so far only) Eisley concert! It was so exciting. I'd been obsessed with Eisley for a year before I went to the concert anf I had looked at so many pictures and videos of them that it seemed like magic to actually see them in real life.
My friend and I stood right next to the stage. It was awesome to be so close, but I might stand farther away next time because a)I couldn't see Chauntelle at all and b)I got totally deafened.
I also saw Christie and (I assume) Kayla walking around before the show, and I saw Boyd videotaping the band. SO COOL. The next day my ears were full of a jingling noise but I was so happy to have seen them, I was floating on a cloud.
Amanda Vivian

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