Chicago, Il
April 10, 2005     House of Blues

Tales from Trollywood

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Ahh, my first Eisley show... argh! i was late... they went on early or something. i missed all but the last 2.5 songs... but alas, @ the merch booth, this occurred...

i was standing there and sherri walks up next to me, looks at me for a second and then asks whoever was at the booth (i can't remember who it was) a question... i was too stunned and confused to say anything to her, so a moment later, she walks away... and the crowd mobs her... seconds later, stacy joins her... and i hop in front of them and ask them to sign my shirt (a gift for a friend who couldn't make it)...

sherri told me she liked the modest mouse shirt i had on and i mumbled a most likely incomprehensible response and ran away...

and that's when i became a major eisley addict.

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