Lawrence, Ks
September 23, 2004     The Bottleneck

Tales from Trollywood

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I was fortunate enough to meet the band before the show--my friends and I arrived in Lawrence four hours early and were wandering about when we saw Eisley unloading their gear. We chatted with Chauntelle for a bit, and I introduced myself to Boyd (and in so doing explained how to pronounce my forum name). It was so cool to finally meet them. They're some very warm and friendly people. Boyd appeared to be in a rush, but still took the time to answer my questions, and Chauntelle is so sweet and awesome.

I was really impressed with the crowd--they all seemed as giddy and energetic and enthusiastic about the band as I was. A few people were singing along (myself included). There were some folks just in front of and to the right of me who may have been from the forum--they were talking about Eisley before the show and seemed to know quite a bit about the band. There was also a guy to my left who was at the show the night before, because he lived close enough to go to both. All in all, it was a very happy, excited crowd that was genuinely interested in Eisley. The clapping was loud and enthusiastic. Towards the end of the set, someone even shouted a request for "Marvelous Things."

The mix was great, but a little shallow on vocals. I might have been too close (just in front of Sherri's mic) so I couldn't understand the lyrics to the newer songs.

Speaking of songs, what a setlist. "Mr. Pine" was a great opener, and had momentum that carried through the whole set. Also, I think that a while back, someone commented (on the California shows?) that the girls' "thank yous" were the best part, like a little treat after every song. I thought this was very apt.

After the show, I got autographs and then we stayed for the first four or five songs of Snow Patrol's set. We left the venue and wandered some more, and in an awesome little bookstore we spotted Eisley sipping coffee and stopped in again. My friend Natalie was intrigued by a 110-year old Steinway grand piano. There was a sign on it that said "Please ask before playing." She sat there for a while, tapping forlornly on the little fold out cover thing, and I tried to goad her
into asking an employee if she could play it. Her response was, "I'm not going to play piano in front of freaking Eisley."

But eventually I wore her down, and she went to ask, and the employee said she could, and she played piano for about twenty minutes. It was really a lovely end to the evening--sitting in a bookstore, twenty feet from Eisley, listening to good music and generally enjoying the atmosphere. As the band left the bookstore, Jon said, "God bless. Have a good night." Everyone was so nice, even though we were acting vaguely stalker-ish.

I never did ask Boyd to sign my poster like I'd intended; I was lazy. But I did ask Sherri if she'd altered the second verse to "Telescope Eyes," and I felt proud of myself for a) noticing that it had changed, and b) having the guts to ask.

Anyway, yeah. It was an amazing night, and the band put on an awesome show. Thanks, Eisley!

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